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Well my friends, I happen to be the most cynical person you'll ever meet when it comes to weather in Illinois. I officially called summer off the day August 1st rolled around, but managed to have a great month after all filled with warm weather and some beach time. Now that September 1st is around the corner, summer is DEFINITELY gone. Okay probably not, it will still be warm, blah blah blah, but like...I live for the months of June and July. Liiiiive for them I tell you. September in my head means fall, and even though I'll still be in warm weathered clothes I can at least dream right?

Above are things that I deem 100% necessary to start building out my wardrobe for the cooler months. Why most of the things are black..IDK. Maybe to match my soul since it aches from me not living in the Virgin Islands.

Rebecca Minkoff is KILLING it for me this year for purses. I am hooked on crossbody bags since they are small enough that I don't try to cram my life as well as every emergency item in them. They are small and delicate making them perfecto for any occasion..dinner, traveling, going out, heading to work, etc. The studded wallet has got to be mine in 90 days or less. I'll keep you posted.

Booties booties booties rockin everywhere. (yay or nay? I can't help but sing when I hear booties) I am obsessing over any and all kind of booties for the upcoming months. And let me clarify - booties with a heel please and thanks. Short girl over here needs to add some length to my legs, and a small, chunky heel is pretty much perfect for that. Like I talked about above, these too are perfect for any occasion since you can dress them up or down. Whoops for ordering brown and black heeled booties yesterday. Come to mamma. Pretty positive that is all I will be living in this winter. Cooler temps can't force me to wear ugly shoes. #ByeFelicia (Real Housewives of ATL anyone? no? okay.)

And like I talked about in a recent post, I am living in cotton dresses these days. Like eat, sleep, breathing..it all revolves around the cotton dresses. JK im not that big of a freak. But really, I love them. I'll just be modifying it for the cooler temps eventually coming  by picking up dresses with sleeves like the one in the pic. I'd put a floppy hat and booties with that look and BAM you're good to go.

Peace out GirlScouts, I am all over this three day weekend. Three cheers for getting to tailgate and then see Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell and Lee Brice on Sunday!

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My favorite kind of white.

Top: Forever21   Skirt: Nordstrom Rack   Purse: Forever21   Shoes: Target

btw - I am wearing a bra despite how unflattering this top looks in that area. Apologies to your eyes. 
                                                                                          Photos by: Mark Adams

Heeey, look. I'm showing my face up there as opposed to the last post. This summer I've seen my tan come and go...and come back again and then leave and you know the vicious cycle. Some weekends I just don't have time to bake in the sun and soak up the cancerous rays that I for some reason can't stay away from. I do consider myself to be tanorexic though. I define tanorexic as seeing yourself as a pale and translucent person when really, you are tanner than most people around you. Tanorexic.

Whether I have a tan or not in the summer, my favorite color to throw on a white in the form of a dress, skirt, shorts or skinny jeans. Lez be real though, I wear white skinnies all year round because I'm a rule breaker, however I just feel so beachy and fool myself into thinking I live at the beach when I'm wearing white dresses, skirts and all that jazz in the summer.

I found this white skirt at Nordstrom rack last winter and actually put it to use over the holidays with some black tights and booties before putting it to work in the summer. It isn't in stock anymore, but I found a few others recently and would like to hijack them and put them safely in my closet include some of these..

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Casual life.

Since I have zero pictures of my summer outfits lately (go meeeee) I thought I'd at least share with you all what I've been wearing lately which pretty much makes me a basic B if I do say so myself. 

A little bit of background info on your homegirl: somewhere along the line this summer I got caught up in stuffing my face with anything and everything that was in front of me on top of downing plenty of sugary adult beverages and other drinks that made me not the same size as I was before. Where did my fast metabolism go? I'm still looking for it. If you can't read between the lines, I feel like all of my summer shorts and jazz don't freaking fit me like they should. Insert an abundance of tears and angry emojis, but fear not because today I'm starting an awful (apparently good) 12 week work out plan to hopefully get back to the old me. However, if anyone has any miraculous overnight weight loss plans that don't require me to eat only healthy food and work out..leave a comment. 

With that explanation now under our belts, I have resorted to wearing summery dresses ALL DAY EVERYDAY, 24/7. Mainly cotton ones, because they so soft, comfy and versatile. Not to mention you look like you actually put in effort when you're wearing a dress. When the truth is I probably rolled out of bed. Winner winner chicken dinner. And as long as they aren't plastered to your body, they seem to look good on just about any shape and size. 

I've been grabbing these kinds of dresses from all over, low and higher-ish end and at the end of the day they all get the job done. Here are a few that have caught my eye lately and they are all under fifty buckeroos. Have at it kiddos. 

Endless Rose | Dolce Vita291

ONE by Pink Stitch | Free People | daftbird

What have you been wearing this summer? 

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Romper for days.

Romer: H&M    wedges: Target   purse: Bongo

Photos by: Mark Adams

Apparently rompers are like theeeee thing this summer huh? I've had a rough time trying to find ones that don't show half of my butt, and if we're being honest I have to be pretty careful  in this one. Which is why I have basically resorted to wearing it as a swimsuit cover up, because any sort of bending down gives the public a view that I'm not sure everyone wants or needs to see. The cut out back on this one suckered me in though, so I decided it was still a necessity to add to my summer wardrobe. 

For a really quick second I have found myself getting pissy that summer is flying and "almost over". For some reason I have it in my head that summer is strictly the months of June and July. I think it was all the brainwashing from school, since that was the only time away from the classrooms. I have been reminded that it in fact won't get freezing the second August 1st rolls around so I can calm down. But still, I just can't even fathom going back to the fall and winter days of no tan (I feel like with a tan I can get away with no makeup, it's so much easier, right?), beach and pool days, long walks outside without risk of frost bite, windows down while driving, infinite amounts of ice cream trips to Cookie Dough Creations (be jealous if you don't have one) and the sun staying out significantly longer than the nasty and short winter days. 

Basically I need to escape Illinois this winter, so if anyone has any place for me to shack up then let a sister know and we can make some arrangements. I would LYLAS. (aol days anyone?) 

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St. Thomas Vacation

You can't possibly be surprised that once again this summer I have fallen off the face of the earth. Or the blogging part really. But hey girl hey, I've back from a few vacations and have some pictures to spice up your exciting lives. A few weeks ago I went and spent a week down in St. Thomas at an incredibly stunning house (The Clintons stayed there a few year ago. Nifty and creepy info) with all of my dads side of the family. It was a full week packed with hanging out on our private beach,  diving and snorkeling, kayaking to Magens Bay, drinking delicious beverages, eating more than I should consume in my entire lifetime, island hopping on a catamaran with unlimited food and drinks, staying up late playing games and getting attacked by killer mosquitoes. 

All in all I am bummed to have returned to the real world, but am thankful I snapped a gazillion pictures to help me remember all of the memories I made. Here are a few snapshots that are appropriate for the blog world, I'll try to post more this week!

Private beach filled with kayaks and paddle boards
View from my deck
One of the many decks. We spent so much time here lounging around, eating ,and playing games.

Early morning kayak ride to Magens Bay!
The first full day with familia. I love them.
Sunset from the balcony
My first time diving! I'm technically not certified but was allowed to go doing a discovery dive. I recommend it if you're also not certified!
GoPro action. Spying on family. 
Kris and I doing under the sea kinda stuff.

We went to an ice bar on the island. It was 22 degrees inside, but full of sculptures, ice slides and fun things to do. We lasted about 30 minutes before heading out to the 90 degree temps. 

The view from the highest point on the island. We stayed in one of those specks of a house along the tiny strip out there facing the bay.
One of my favorite days was renting this catamaran and sailing around to the islands and being able to get off and snorkel. We were able to play our own music and be served unlimited food and drinks. Take me back please and thanks.

Thankful for these people. 

Little Clara livin the dream.

Baby on board!

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