Get Yourself A Purple Sweater.

SPRING is in the air y'all. Hence the white pants and bright purple sweater, which by the way, if you want to receive 50+ compliments in one day I suggest you get yourself a purple sweater. All the strangers of the world seem to love this little number more than I do which is hard to imagine. 

If you feel like you are having a rough morning, please know that I woke up at 4am to be picked up at 4:45am for my flight. Maybe that is your normal schedule, but being the princess of sleep that I am, I feel pretty miserable just thinking about it typing this up on Tuesday. I plan on being a walking zombie since I wont get caught up on sleep until the weekend. Cheers! 

Clearly I'm over here trying to get back into this blogging shindig and rambling off the random thoughts is what works these days. To follow up Monday's post, this is what is currently in my head:

- I am ADDICTED to yogurt covered raisins
- I'm wondering how my suitcase will zip since I'm a girl and I over pack
- Is anyone else addicted to Southern Charm on Bravo??? Let's discuss if so.
- I nearly died in my first boot camp class on Monday. We did a fast pace workout with kettlebells and OWWWW. I can not bend down or climb stairs without feeling like my body will literally snap in half. When will the pain go away?? 
- Versa tans are where it's at. Spray tans for the n00bs out there. Except why does my back not get covered like the front? Come on now. 
- Don't you hate when you paint your nails and some fuzz jazz gets all up in your nail business? Freaking every single time.
- I cannot listen to Pharrell's "Happy" one more time, I was never really a fan and I'm about to boycott the radio if it comes on again. 
- I have to wake up in 4.5 hours, so sorry this is awful but goodnight/good morning/happy afternoon to you. 

Catch ya next week.

Oh and because this is a real life picture of what it's like taking pictures in an sketchy alley and hear scary bang bang noises.

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And I'm Back. In Black.


dress: Old Navy   necklace: Gift   watch: Michael Kors   shoes: Steve Madden    purse: Olivia & Joy
 Photos by: Mark Adams

WHOOPS. I kind of disappeared on you all for a bit there and I'm soooorrrrrrry. But really, it was the best time ever, so sorry I'm not sorry for saying that. It was an unplanned, mini hiatus and it was fantastic actually. I am not and will never be a hardcore, dedicated, eat/sleep/breathe, ride til you die blogger. Gasp. It's just not me, and real life family, friends, and experiences will always come first, but I love everyone who stops by this place and reads still! I promise I am back in action. Shout-out to grandma Phyl for texting me asking where Sunny + Turquoise was. You rock. 

I figured the best way to catch you up on life is through a list since that is all I do for every aspect of my life. Ready, set, go: 

- I added more highlights to my hair and in some pictures it looks like YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THEM. Do you know how pissy that makes me? They are there, but I was too chicken to get them on the top layer. That will be changing soon. I pray I don't go blonde in the summer, but there is no stopping my addiction. 

- I'll be in DC Wednesday, who has been there and has the best lunch spot ever for me? We're doing a trolley tour before starting work so I think I should bring a disposable camera and fanny pack to seem extra touristy. 

- Can someone explain to me why all stores are only carrying freaking crop tops? Or explain the trend to me? Hello, I would like to shop for clothes I can also wear to family functions without looking like I'm 5.I'm not a fan, but I bought a pair of high waisted shorts yesterday (classy, not trashy ones..duh.) to see if I can pull it off with flowy crop tops. Not showing my stomach folks, no worries. 

- All of the Midwest rejoiced yesterday as it was 60 wonderful degrees. I am pretty positive I felt the sun tanning my skin for a small second walking to my car. I am hoping that taking pictures only gets easier from here on out..I blame the weather being so cold for the mini hiatus in case you're wondering. 

-Luke Bryan's new song She Gets Me High is LITERALLY on repeat all day long for me the past two weeks. I am fully addicted to listening to it and refuse to change it to any other song. I'm not alone...right?

-Another full blown addiction is Groupon. I bought 3 things off there last week alone and am not apologizing for that either, I feel so smart and savvy using it of course.

- I have been meal planning (that's what it's called right?) my lunches lately and I don't recognize who I am. I was a Lean Cuisine girl for life simply because I was lazy. If you see the old Lacey, tell her hi and I miss her. 

-I start a 6 week boot camp today at a local gym..again, if you see the old Lacey, tell her I really  miss her these days. Also, say a prayer I don't die please. 

-Eric & Jessie season 2 premiered on E! last night and I pretty much have the most unhealthy obsession with them. At least it's not my typical trash tv, so 5 cookies for me. 

- My mom told me I'm wearing the purse above too much in blog pictures and uhm, it's my daily purse ma? These pics are my real life outfits, so sorry if I offend anyone with that beauty in every picture...momma bear.

-If you want to smell like heaven and bring all the boys to your yard (maybe?) then you neeeeeeed to buy Nude by Rihanna. I know, I know. I think I should be embarrassed to say that, but it smells SO GOOD. It is the best smell to have ever graced my nose and now I have it on all day erry day. You can thank me later. 

- Why is everyone with long hair getting it chopped?? I can name 15 people off the top of my head (maybe an exaggeration) and I'm wondering if I need to jump on this bandwagon? If I did, I'd ombre the shizzle out of it and make it shoulder length with beach waves. But lets get real, that will probably never happen or else my friends and family will have a crying baby on their hands. 

Maybe it was better when I wasn't blogging, that list is really just the random jazz floating through my head right now. I hope you are leaving this post a little smarter and educated, now go tackle your Monday. 

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Giiiiirl, are you dancing for me?

coat: Sarah Jessica Parker - Bitten   jeans: Forever21   purse: Olivia + Joy via Marshalls
Photos by: Mark Adams

Happy St. Patty's Day! Round 3,403 of me being an awful blogger: I didn't plan a green outfit, but instead wore purple pants. Makes complete sense, right? Fear not, I celebrated St. Patty's in the city this weekend and had on my green along with about 50 green beads I apparently acquired throughout the day. Was anyone else out there celebrating in Chitown?? 

I haven't talked about any of the awesome (awkward) stories and encounters that have happened lately while out being a normal citizen having someone take pictures of you in broad daylight in public. Yesterday we went to a random alley since sketchy areas of town always seem to make for the best picture backgrounds. Not even two seconds after the pictures began, a lively and extra ghetto (can I say that?) older man started strolling down the alley hooting and hollering random things which made for some preeeetty dang good candid pics since Mark kept snapping away during the incident. I only added two on here to save you from the selfie action, but they were stellar. 

"Heeey girl HEY, girl are you dancin for me???" (I was doing no such dancing)
-insert him doing the best dancing and dougie kind of dancing I have seen recently. 
"Girl, GOD bless you" So I politely said "God bless you too sir". "WHAAAT did you say?!" he hollered.
and then it went back and forth a bit. 
and a bunch more "GIRRRRRL", "pictures", "GOD BLESS Y'ALL" and dancing through the alley. 

sorry, that is literally all I could understand from him. 

As he left, I said adios and shot him this look that was not staged: 

I've chosen to just take the sassy route these days and say "HI" to the people staring. Or the occasional "hiii, what are you looking at??" depending on my mood. What do you style bloggers say when people stare? I need new material. 

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I'm Wind Blown.

shirt: Old Navy   skirt: Marshalls   purse: Forever21   watch: Michael Kors   necklace: Target

Monsoon kind of winds and -30 windchill temps (okay that part was an exaggeration  make for some pretty awful looking pictures. I was entirely too grouchy to take them for more than 5 seconds resulting in hardly any decent pictures to put up here..whoops. The bottom half of this shindig is simply black tights and pointy black heels for those inquiring minds. 

To keep it real over here, I am not digging this outfit as much as I was now that I see it in pictures. I was hoooping to be able to pull this off for a rehearsal dinner I am going to in a few weeks, but now I'm thinking it looks entirely too casual and I'd be looking like a sloppy Bob if I showed up in this. Honest thoughts, concerns, input, or popsicles to offer up? I'm not too sure what world I was living in when I thought a v-neck would look presentable for a rehearsal dinner, but hey, looks like I figured it out sooner rather than later. 

I have nothing to say on the topic of the Bachelor other than I would love for Juan Pab to take an IQ test, in Spanish of course, and show me the results. Maybe that would justify his preschool antics? On a positive note, I am happy to have my Monday nights back and free of stupidy! Holla holla get dolla. 
Over and out. 

And because nothing is perfect when taking pictures - 

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I'm Wearing Something Kardashian. Sketchy.

sweater & jeans: H&M   vest: Kardashian Kollection (lolz)   purse: Oliva & Joy via Marshalls  
ring: Nordstrom    shoes: Forever21

Photos by: Mark Adams
You should all know that I am a reality TV junkie, but that doesn't mean I'll freely wear clothes that the 'celebrities' put out. With that said, big props to the little Kardashian clan (klan?) for putting this vest on clearance for $12 and making it just right for me. I have now deemed a white, sleeveless vest a staple piece that every lady should have in her closet. I have some pretty big plans for this new child of mine to wear over sweaters, dresses, rompers, tanks, and aaaanything else I can get my hands on. I'm also taking other suggestions, so fire away.

I want to also apologize for having 8 pictures of myself in one post, that has really got to be some sort of sin. I  can't stand reading a post where there is approximately 20 pictures from the same angle, of the same outfit, with the same smile. Unfortunately, I have sunk to that level with this post and I am asking for your forgiveness. My reasoning is simple - my face isn't in allllll of them and I am in love with this outfit okay? Awful reasoning, but please just forgive me this once. (and go buy a white vest) 

We shot another video this weekend and you will either luuuuh-ve it or hate it. I may or may not have taken you guys to the mall shopping with me. And it may or may not have been incredibly awkward and hard to film in the store and dressing room (no nudity shown, sorry to disappoint) without looking like a freakazoid. Shout-out to my friend Kelli for being a trooper and shooting it all for me, Lord knows we got some stares and probably on a list of people to never let back in the store. Anyways, it'll be up soon and you better like it or else the embarrassment was all for nothin muffin. 

Oh, btw. This is how I feel about freezing my butt off outside..

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